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Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo

An utter jewel, together with Porto Cervo, in the Gallura sub-region on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia.

Acclaim for this area goes to Venetians Luigi and Nicolò Donà dalle Rose, as part of an initiative sought after by a group of entrepreneurs. From here comes the architecture whose structure harks back to that of Venice – it is not by chance that the main piazza is the Piazzetta San Marco. Along with the luxurious residences, there are also many luxury and extra-luxury hotels.

One point of reference is the well-equipped marina offering 800 berths. In the town, you can visit the Piazzetta San Marco, where there is the picturesque Church of San Lorenzo, completed by twenty-eight master masons from the Gallura sub-region, housing wooden sculptures by Mario Ceroli. On the southern façade is a rose window entirely created in Murano. Then there is the Piazzetta della Darsena, created by another ‘pioneer’, Sangregorio.

Also striking is the Via del Molo mosaic, which locals refer to as the “Catena Alimentare”, being the work of Emmanuel Chapalain, an artist from Brittany.

The town’s nightlife is buzzing, with a large number of clubs and events, especially during the summer season. In this regard, mention must be made of the performances of the Teatro Mario Ceroli.

Amongst the most famous beaches of Porto Rotondo are:

Punta degli Asfodeli: one remarkable characteristic is that this is not a single beach but a series of small beaches and rocky coves to choose from upon arrival.

Spiaggia Marinella: defined by the locals as one of the most beautiful and extensive beaches, it is quite popular even when the wind blows. The sand is so fine as to be almost sparkling. The water is shallow with a sandy base, perfect for children to play freely. If you are seeking convenience, you will certainly find it at one of the fully-equipped bathing establishments at your disposal.

Spiaggia Punta Lepre: located at the entrance of the port, it flanks the Hotel Sporting beach. It is a point of reference for the Porto Rotondo resort, which can be easily reached on foot by crossing the dock.

Spiaggia di Rudalza: quaint and delectable, it is located alongside the small piazza of the same name. In any case, all the beaches are connected by a convenient shuttle service operating from the beginning of June until mid-September.

Punta Nuraghe: taking its name from the age-old Nuragic structures arising above, here you can find the Spiaggia della ‘contra Ira’ overlooking the Gulf of Cugnana and the Punta Asfodeli, characterised by a somewhat course sand in unique grey-ochre hues.

Punta Volpe: also particularly suitable for underwater activities, its emerald waters are quite calm whilst the rocks around the peak are full of surprises.

Punta Lada offers a varied coastline, alternating sandy beaches with rocky coves, such as the Marina Piccola, accessible only by boat, which can be arranged by a private club. If you are seeking an untouched location, there is the Isola di Mortorio, which is entirely uninhabited and protected by laws forbidding any construction on its land.

Spiaggia dei Sassi: also worth a mention of honour due to its unique characteristics from which it takes its name as the ‘Pebble Beach’. Indeed, the beach is comprised of fine sand and small light-grey pebbles that rest on the seabed, all surrounded by a beautiful reef.